Tragedy Strikes: 9-Year-Old Boy Passes Away After Water Incident Behind Brooklyn IKEA Store

Credit: Eyewitness News ABC7NY/YouTube

A 9-year-old boy passed away after going into the water behind an IKEA store in Brooklyn, as reported by PEOPLE.

The young boy, known as Hasebul Nehan to his family, was reported missing a little before 9 p.m. on Wednesday. Surveillance footage showed him leaving the store and heading towards the Erie Basin Pier just before the store closed.

His body was taken out of the water shortly after midnight on Thursday. Hasebul, who couldn't speak and had autism, was taken to the New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, where he was declared deceased.

IKEA expressed deep sorrow over the tragic incident, mentioning that their thoughts are with the family. The company has yet to respond to requests for comments.

Hasebul's mother, Abida Sultan, mentioned that he was playing before he suddenly went missing. After searching for him for about 30 minutes, they looked at the security footage.

The police found his body at the water's edge with the help of divers.

Hasebul's mom shared that he enjoyed being around water and had plans to take him to see a river after visiting the furniture store.

The police have talked to the family and don't suspect any criminal activity in relation to the boy's passing. The cause of his death hasn't been revealed, and an investigation is ongoing.

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