Wayne Brady Proudly Reveals Pansexuality, Embracing Attraction Beyond Boundaries

Credit: Wayne Brady/Instagram

Wayne Brady recently shared something important about himself. The TV personality said he's pansexual, which means he's attracted to people no matter their gender or sex. He spoke with PEOPLE and explained that he used the word "pansexual" because it allows him to be attracted to people who identify as gay, straight, bi, transsexual, or non-binary.

Wayne wanted to be able to like anyone, regardless of how they identify. He said that being pansexual means he can be attracted to people not just physically, but also to who they are as a person. Even though he has felt attracted to men before, he's never actually dated a man. Wayne admitted that sometimes he kept this part of himself hidden.

He mentioned that he had been married two times and didn't think people needed to know he's pansexual. But keeping this secret made him feel like he had to hide. He decided he didn't want to feel ashamed anymore and wanted to be more open about his identity.

Wayne knows there's still more for him to figure out, and he's currently single. He wants to focus on himself before getting into a relationship. When he's ready, he hopes that being open-minded and pansexual will help him connect with people in a free and open way.

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