Former Nickelodeon Star Accuses Singer Joe Jonas of Inappropriate Behavior During Teen Years

Credit: Joe Jonas/Instagram

Joe Jonas has faced accusations of inappropriate conduct during his younger years. The singer and actor has been alleged to have solicited explicit photographs from former Nickelodeon star Alexa Nikolas when they were both teenagers.

Alexa Nikolas, known for her role in "Zoey 101," came forward with this claim amid Joe Jonas's divorce from Sophie Turner.

Using the platform X, formerly known as Twitter, she revealed this revelation on September 8, stating, "I met Joe Jonas when we were teens and let's just say he's the guy who wore a purity ring but asked for nudes."

Credit: Alexa Nikolas/Instagram

Interestingly, Alexa's assertion has generated controversy. Some have suggested that she only shared her story now to draw attention to herself in light of Joe's divorce news.

One individual responded, "Way to make someone else's divorce about yourself… celebs are so opportunistic… goodness."

Another sarcastically commented, "So what you're saying is you don't know him and you're coming out of the woodwork saying something weird to make yourself relevant again because he's trending?"

However, there was also support for Alexa's claims, with one person stating, "I, 100% believe this! Always a bit too full of himself, believed his own hype too much! NEVER expected a Goddess like Sophie Turner to marry an inferior mortal, like Joe! Especially, since she's the Power in the couple! Her success exceeds his, poor boy #TeamSophie #GoddessSophie."

As of now, neither Joe Jonas nor his representative has responded to Alexa's allegations.

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