Jennifer Lopez Asserts Relationship Strength Amidst Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Controversy

Credit: Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

Jennifer Lopez issued a subtle warning to Jennifer Garner following her recent cozy encounter with her husband, Ben Affleck, inside a car in Los Angeles.

In a powerful response to the leaked car photos, Lopez and Affleck made a public appearance together just days later.

The couple was seen tightly bonded as they embarked on a shopping spree in Los Angeles, sending a clear message to Garner that their relationship remains as robust as ever.

Examining their non-verbal cues, renowned celebrity psychic and body language expert, Inbaal Honigman, implied that Lopez remained unfazed by the widely circulated images of Garner and Affleck embracing.

Inbaal Honigman shared her insights with The Mirror, stating, "As Jennifer Lopez strolls with Ben Affleck through the market in their matching wide-leg jeans, white trainers and pale tops, they send several obvious signals that their relationship is stronger than ever, and several not-so-obvious signals."

"Ben has his arm over his lady's shoulders, keeping her close to him, which is a sign of intimacy," the expert observed. "They are clearly comfortable with each other's physical presence. As they chat, they look at each other's faces, which is also a sign of closeness. This is a couple that is used to sharing each other's space many hours of the day, and it's natural for them to be in an embrace."

Honigman emphasized that there were no indications of strain in their relationship, asserting, "No egos in their relationship, no winners or losers, they are together and they feel strong."

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