Dua Lipa Takes Charge: Pop Sensation Acquires Rights to Her Entire Music Catalog, Emphasizes Artist Empowerment in the Industry

Credit: Dua Lipa/Instagram

In a recent episode of the Audacy Check In podcast, Dua Lipa revealed a significant milestone in her career – taking ownership of the publishing rights to her entire music catalog. The 28-year-old pop sensation discussed her decision to buy back the rights from TAP Music earlier this month, emphasizing the importance of artists understanding the business side of the music industry, a sentiment echoed by Taylor Swift's widely publicized struggles with music rights.

"I think it’s just something I’ve always wanted – to be in control of my own music, and I think all young artists should really understand the business behind music, especially in the beginning," Lipa explained. "I think it’s incredibly important, and so to be able to have all the rights back to my music feels really good. You know, it’s my life’s work, so it’s cool to be the person who says what happens with it.”

Drawing parallels to Taylor Swift's battle for control over her music, Lipa acknowledged the impact of Swift's situation on the industry, stating, "I think what happened to Taylor obviously was something that completely started getting people to understand they should have a lawyer and understand the business of music, for sure."

While Lipa clarified that Swift's situation didn't directly inspire her purchase, she recognized the broader influence Swift has had on empowering artists to take charge of their own careers. "I think owning your publishing was just something that I really wanted to have. I think a lot of artists go, like, independent or do their own thing," she explained. "I just wanted to have my whole catalogue under my own company, which is something I started this year, which is publishing and a production company. I just wanted to have everything under one umbrella. It just felt like a new chapter!”

With this bold move, Dua Lipa joins a growing list of artists who are asserting control over their creative output and navigating the complexities of the music business, marking a new era of empowerment for musicians in the industry.

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