Prince Harry Faces Criticism as 'Hollywood Failure' Amidst New Project Speculation

Credit: Sussexroyal/Instagram

Prince Harry's Hollywood journey has been met with criticism, as royal commentator Daniela Elser labels him a "Hollywood Failure."

Elser shared her perspective in a recent article on In her analysis, she questioned the Sussexes' content promises, noting that their exciting new projects seem sparse.

This scrutiny comes despite Prince Harry's anticipated involvement in an upcoming African project with Netflix, still in its early stages.

Elser candidly wondered, "What the dickens are they doing all day?" and expressed the sentiment that they need to step up their efforts.

She concluded by characterizing the couple as "utter failures," despite Netflix investing $4.6 million in acquiring rights for a romantic comedy.

Elser's critique suggests that, in the competitive landscape of Hollywood, the couple has yet to prove themselves as dominant players.

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