Britney Spears' Surprise NYC Meet-Up: Dines with Maluma and J Balvin, Sparks Collaboration Rumors

Credit: Maluma/Instagram

Britney Spears was spotted dining with Colombian singers Maluma and J Balvin in New York City. The trio enjoyed a late-night sushi dinner together, leaving fans in awe of their unexpected friendship.

According to Page Six, Maluma and J Balvin enthusiastically welcomed Britney and her friends, leading to a cheerful evening filled with laughter and camaraderie.

Sources revealed that the group engaged in discussions about music, fueling speculation of a possible collaboration in the works. Britney, who is currently celebrating the release of her memoir "The Woman in Me," set to launch on October 24, seemed delighted to be back in New York after her arrival from Los Angeles earlier in the week.

Additionally, fans eagerly anticipate the audiobook version of Britney’s memoir, as she will be lending her voice to certain sections. To navigate the emotional aspects of the narrative, another celebrity is rumored to be involved in the audiobook recording, as disclosed by TMZ.

Stay tuned for more updates on this unexpected friendship and the exciting developments in Britney Spears' life!

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