Director Shawn Levy Addresses Taylor Swift's Rumored Role in 'Deadpool 3' Amid SAG-AFTRA Strike

Credit: Taylor Swift/Instagram

Director Shawn Levy has broken his silence on the swirling rumors that Taylor Swift may make an appearance in the highly anticipated "Deadpool 3." After being spotted alongside the pop superstar at an NFL game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the New York Jets, speculation about Swift playing the musical mutant Dazzler has been rampant among fans.

In an exclusive interview with TheWrap, Levy acknowledged the enthusiasm of fans, stating, "They sure are loud," in reference to the passionate Swifties' reactions. When pressed about Swift's potential involvement, Levy remained tight-lipped, neither confirming nor denying the rumors. "I'm going across the board. 'No comment' because that's a double whammy. That's Taylor-related. And it's MCU-related. I'm no dummy. You're going to have to wait and see," he teased.

However, Levy also shared disappointing news about the film's production. Due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, filming for "Deadpool 3" has been suspended, putting the movie's release date at risk. Levy expressed uncertainty, stating, "I wish I knew. I don't even know if we officially have [a release date]. I know we were gonna be May 3." Despite the challenges, Levy assured fans that half of the movie has already been shot and edited. He expressed his eagerness to resume production and release the film next year.

The speculation surrounding Swift's cameo in "Deadpool 3" intensified after her recent outing with the movie's cast and director at an NFL game at MetLife Stadium in New York City. Swift was seen arriving with her longtime friend Blake Lively, followed by Lively's husband Ryan Reynolds, his best friend Hugh Jackman, and director Shawn Levy.

The star-studded gathering has left fans eagerly anticipating further updates on the movie's cast and release schedule. Stay tuned for more developments on this exciting Hollywood buzz.

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