Former 'Dancing With the Stars' Winner Brooke Burke Reveals She Would Have Had an Affair with Partner Derek Hough

Credit: Brooke Burke/Derek Hough/Instagram

In a surprising revelation, former "Dancing With the Stars" champion Brooke Burke recently confessed that she would have had an affair with her professional dance partner, Derek Hough, during the show's seventh season in 2008.

Despite being in a relationship with her then-boyfriend, now ex-husband, David Charvet, Burke candidly admitted her feelings on the "Sex, Lies and Spray Tans" podcast.

Burke, 52, described the intense connection she felt with Hough, emphasizing the profound bond that develops between dancers. She explained that the physical closeness and daily interaction in ballroom dancing create a level of intimacy that rivals romantic relationships.

According to Burke, the energy and trust shared on the dance floor can make the experience even more intimate than a bedroom encounter, fostering a deep emotional connection.

Reflecting on her time with Derek Hough, Burke expressed admiration for his talent and choreography skills, expressing regret that circumstances prevented them from exploring a romantic relationship.

The revelation provides a glimpse into the complex world of professional dance partnerships, shedding light on the powerful emotions that can develop under the spotlight of reality television.

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