Jennifer Lopez Stuns Fans with Bold Middle Finger Gesture to Paparazzi During McDonald's Outing with Ben Affleck

Credit: Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

Jennifer Lopez was caught on camera flipping the bird to paparazzi during a recent McDonald's run with her husband, Ben Affleck.

This unexpected gesture has sparked speculations that she might be trying to emulate Affleck's occasionally surly attitude towards the paparazzi.

Renowned body language expert, Judi James, shared her insights with The Mirror, stating, "It's usually Ben looking surly at the paparazzi, but it seems Jennifer has caught or copied his mood here, perhaps in a bid to impress him by showing him he's not the only one in the marriage who can look like a rebellious teenager."

J.Lo's behavior during the outing was notably different from her usual glamorous self, as she went make-up free and wore a casual outfit.

Judi added, "It's so normal to see Jennifer totally on-brand as an elegant A-list icon that seeing her here without make-up and raising the finger in such an emphatic way must be a shock for the fans."

Furthermore, Judi suggested that the middle finger gesture was a calculated move by Jennifer, explaining, "If her body language had suggested actual anger, the finger signal might have looked like a spur-of-the-minute, loss-of-temper mistake. But her facial expression here, with the slightly twisted smile, looks calm enough, hinting that the rude signal was deliberate and maybe part of her normal repertoire."

This incident occurred during J.Lo and Ben's visit to a McDonald's drive-thru in Los Angeles on Friday, October 20. Despite the gesture, Jennifer Lopez appeared content as she and Ben Affleck enjoyed their meal.

While Jennifer sported a light orange sweater and a casual ponytail, Ben looked comfortable in a ribbed gray jumper, suggesting that their relationship remains strong despite this unexpected act.

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