Joe Jonas Drops Divorce Case Against Sophie Turner After Successful Mediation

Credit: Joe Jonas/Instagram

American singer Joe Jonas has decided to dismiss his divorce case against actress Sophie Turner after just four days of productive mediation, according to a report by Page Six. Court records reveal that the former couple, parents to two daughters aged one and three, have reached a temporary agreement over child custody.

Under the terms of the agreement, Turner and Jonas will share custody of their children on alternate intervals ranging from one and a half to three weeks until January 7, as per a court order reported by USA Today. The arrangement designates specific periods for each parent, with Turner having custody from October 9 to October 21, and Jonas taking over from October 21 to November 2. The children will spend Thanksgiving with Jonas, while Turner will have them for Christmas and New Year's.

Crucially, the agreement allows both parents to travel temporarily with their children to any state in the United States or the United Kingdom during their designated custody periods. Additionally, both Turner and Jonas are required to submit a "status report letter" by December 23, outlining the progress of their ongoing mediation efforts.

This development comes after Turner had filed a lawsuit against Jonas, accusing him of wrongfully retaining their daughters in New York City instead of allowing them to return to their "forever home" in the UK. The court documents revealed that the former couple had established England as their permanent residence in April 2023, intending for their children to attend school in the country.

Turner and Jonas, who were married in 2019 after nearly three years of dating, are navigating a divorce after four years of marriage. Jonas had filed for divorce earlier this month, citing an "irretrievably broken" relationship. The couple's decision to drop the divorce case suggests a potential amicable resolution in their ongoing legal proceedings.

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