Trey Songz Faces New Allegations of Sexual Assault from 2015 California House Party

Credit: Trey Songz/Instagram

Trey Songz, the renowned R&B artist also known as Tremaine Neverson, is facing fresh accusations of sexual assault from a 2015 California house party.

The complaint, spanning 17 pages and obtained by PEOPLE, details harrowing allegations made by "Jane Doe A and Jane Doe B," who claim they woke up to find Songz performing non-consensual sexual acts on them after the party.

According to the complaint, the two women allege they were coerced into drinking from unsealed liquor bottles the night before the incident.

The complaint states, "Trey Songz, cloaked in his celebrity status, believed he could act with impunity. He is wrong."

The victims had expected a celebration but were instead subjected to acts described as "heinous" and "contrary to basic human decency."

In response to the allegations, Songz's attorney, Michael Freedman, issued a statement to TMZ and Rolling Stone, dismissing the complaint as a case of old allegations being repurposed.

Freedman expressed confidence in Songz's vindication in court, challenging the claims made against the artist.

The case has raised concerns about consent and accountability, shedding light on the challenges survivors face when confronting powerful figures. Further developments are awaited as the legal proceedings unfold.

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