Watch: Video of Jonathan Majors Being Chased by Grace Jabbari Following Alleged Violent Confrontation Goes Viral

Credit: Jonathan Majors/Instagram

Newly unveiled surveillance footage showcased in Manhattan Criminal Court has shed light on a tumultuous incident involving Marvel actor Jonathan Majors and his former girlfriend, Grace Jabbari. The footage, presented to jurors on Wednesday, captures the aftermath of an alleged violent encounter between the two in March.

In the video, 34-year-old Majors is seen restraining 30-year-old Jabbari inside a black Cadillac Escalade in Chinatown. The sequence unfolds with Majors lifting Jabbari and shoving her back into the vehicle, only for her to pursue him as they exit the SUV at the intersection of Centre and Canal Streets. Majors, then captured extending his arms to keep her at bay, eventually sprints away from the scene.

Jabbari, a British dancer and movement coach, recounted in court that Majors had delivered a forceful blow to her head, causing a gash on her ear, and had also twisted her arm during the altercation. Majors, who met Jabbari on the set of Marvel’s “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania,” has pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor assault and harassment charges, with his defense claiming Jabbari was the aggressor.

The incident was reportedly triggered by Jabbari's discovery of evidence suggesting Majors' infidelity, specifically a flirty text from a person identified as "Cleopatra" on his cell phone.

Additional evidence presented in court included photographs of injuries sustained by Jabbari, showcasing bruising and swelling on her fractured right middle finger, as well as a gash behind her right ear. A recording from December 2022 was also released, where Majors lectured Jabbari on behaving like the wives of influential figures such as Michelle Obama and Coretta Scott King.

Furthermore, the court disclosed a text message exchange in which Majors discouraged Jabbari from seeking medical attention for a separate incident in September 2022 that left her with a head injury. Majors expressed concern about potential legal repercussions and urged her not to disclose the truth to medical professionals.

As prosecutors concluded their case on Wednesday morning, Majors now faces up to one year in jail if convicted on the misdemeanor charges. The defense countered by calling a 10th Precinct NYPD detective and an emergency room physician to the stand, marking a crucial phase in this high-profile trial.

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