Controversy Surrounds 'Stranger Things' as Fans Call for Boycott Over Noah Schnapp

Credit: Noah Schnapp/Instagram

The highly anticipated fifth and final season of the popular Netflix series, Stranger Things, has kicked off production, but it is not without its share of controversy. Calls for a boycott have resurfaced, fueled by a cast photo shared by Netflix on X, formerly known as Twitter.

The image showcased characters who survived the fourth season, prominently featuring Noah Schnapp, who portrays Will Byers in the sci-fi hit. Schnapp, who is Jewish, faced criticism last autumn for his remarks concerning the Israel-Hamas conflict, prompting some fans to threaten skipping Season 5 due to his perceived behavior.

The recently released cast photo has reignited the boycott movement, with one X user expressing, "Noah has tanked the hype." Dell Boii chimed in with a succinct, "Dw we boycotting, Free Palestine," while Amjad Matar declared, "Replace Noah or we're not watching," emphasizing the collective sentiment against Schnapp.

Nevertheless, a segment of fans remains excited for the return of the show, as evident in tweets like @Johnnoe30104153's enthusiastic "Let's gooo!" and positive responses from supporters like Aiza Nasir and Richard Heaton.

As the controversy brews, it remains to be seen how this will impact the production and reception of Stranger Things' final season.

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