Kanye West's Titanium Teeth Raise Concerns Among Experts

Credit: Kanye West/Twitter

Renowned rapper Kanye West is facing scrutiny over his recent acquisition of titanium dentures, with concerns raised by an Australian dentist regarding potential long-term issues.

Last week, the 46-year-old artist showcased his new metallic teeth on Instagram, drawing parallels to the iconic James Bond villain Jaws. The jaw-dropping transformation reportedly came with a hefty price tag of $850,000, showcasing what insiders have dubbed "fixed prosthodontics."

However, Dr. Sam Koh, an Australian dentist, has expressed reservations about the potential consequences of Kanye's bold dental move. Dr. Koh warned of difficulties in maintaining proper oral hygiene, citing the microscopic spaces underneath the titanium where food particles, bacteria, and debris could accumulate.

"In the long term, this could result in issues such as bad breath, sensitivity, tooth decay, and gum problems, including disease and infection," Dr. Sam explained to Daily Mail. The concern revolves around the challenge of effectively cleaning the intricate spaces around the titanium structure.

Dr. Koh further speculated on the nature of Kanye's dental procedure, suggesting that the rapper might not have undergone permanent teeth removal but rather had his original teeth shaved down. This, he explained, could lead to the remaining natural teeth shifting over time, potentially compromising the stability of the titanium structure.

"The remaining part of the teeth will move over time, causing deterioration of the glue that is holding the titanium in place," Dr. Sam added, emphasizing the potential risks of the bridge becoming loose or, in severe cases, contributing to dental decay, infection, and disease.

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