Swifties Accuse Kanye West of Desperation After Taylor Swift Name-Drop in New Song

Credit: Kanye West/Taylor Swift/Facebook/Instagram

Swifties, the loyal fanbase of pop icon Taylor Swift, have erupted in anger following Kanye West's latest song, "Carnival," where he once again references Swift.

The controversial lyric appears in West's latest album, "Vultures 1", where he boasts about "making six Taylor Swifts."

Despite the ambiguous nature of the lyrics, which could be interpreted in various ways, fans have interpreted the mention as another jab at Swift amid ongoing tension between the two artists.

Reacting to the song, one fan expressed frustration, stating, "Taylor Swift was his target twice and has successfully moved on from both events and thrived. Meanwhile, Kanye feels the need to name-drop her every time he needs clout and attention."

Another fan chimed in, highlighting what they see as West's desperation for relevance, stating, "Says a lot about how desperate he is to be relevant right now."

Criticism towards West continued as another fan commented, "Kanye is the only [person] who's gonna mention Taylor Swift's name in an attempt to get relevant again and perhaps a bit famous."

The ongoing saga between Kanye West and Taylor Swift dates back several years, with notable incidents including the infamous interruption at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards and the more recent controversy surrounding West's song "Famous" in 2016.

Reacting to the latest mention in West's song, a fourth fan pointed out the irony, stating, “Kanye West still unironically thinking he made Taylor Swift famous is so.. like if you’re the one using her name in songs TWICE because you’re desperate for attention, I don’t think you’re as relevant as you think you are.”

The ongoing tension between Kanye West and Taylor Swift continues to captivate fans and stir debate across social media platforms, with Swifties remaining fiercely protective of their idol.

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