Why Ben Affleck Ditched 'Barbie' Cameo Revealed!

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In a recent Q&A session, actor Michael Cera, known for his role as Barbie's sidekick Allan, dropped a bombshell about a missed opportunity involving Hollywood heavyweight Ben Affleck.

Cera, 35, disclosed that Affleck was initially slated to appear in a crucial fight scene in the blockbuster Barbie movie.

"I wasn't even supposed to fight in the movie. Am I allowed to say what it was supposed to be? It was supposed to be Ben Affleck. Right? Am I allowed to say that?" Cera revealed during the session.

However, Affleck, 51, had to withdraw from the scene due to prior commitments to direct another film.

"I think Ben wanted to do it, but he was directing his movie," Cera explained, shedding light on the circumstances that led to his own involvement in the scene.

"They're like, 'Okay, Ben's out, something has to happen here. So you're gonna fight them.' So I had to jump in with the stunt team," Cera elaborated on the last-minute change.

Despite stepping into Affleck's shoes, Cera faced his own set of challenges.

Having recently recovered from COVID-19, the actor found it physically taxing to participate in the sequence.

"I had just gotten over COVID and they had me training, and I almost died. Just doing the warm-up! I had to lay down in my trailer and they sent the nurse to see me, and I was sent home," Cera recounted, highlighting the difficulties he faced during the shoot.

Reflecting on the experience, Cera emphasized his dedication to mastering the scene despite the setbacks.

"So then we had a second rehearsal, and I learned it. That's the story basically," he concluded.

While Affleck's absence may have altered the original plans, Cera's revelation offers a glimpse into the intricate dynamics of Hollywood filmmaking and the unexpected twists that can occur during production.

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