Ben Affleck Uncomfortable with Jennifer Lopez’s Candid Storytelling in New Documentary

Credit: Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

Ben Affleck has reportedly expressed unease with his wife Jennifer Lopez’s candid revelations about their relationship in her latest Amazon Prime documentary, "The Greatest Love Story Never Told".

The pop icon, known for her openness about her personal life, delves into the intricacies of her romance with the Batman actor in the documentary, which offers viewers a behind-the-scenes look at their love story.

From intimate moments to handwritten letters exchanged between the couple, Lopez leaves no stone unturned in painting a vivid picture of their journey together.

However, according to insider sources speaking to Closer, Affleck is said to be feeling "embarrassed and mortified" by his wife’s decision to share such intimate details with the world.

Despite reportedly pleading with Lopez to exercise discretion, Affleck allegedly found himself uncomfortable with the level of transparency exhibited in the documentary.

"Ben had begged her not to go into such vivid detail, but Jen wasn't hearing any of it. She was clear from the start that she'd share how passionate and intense their love story is but, for Ben, it's too much. He's feeling trampled on, not to mention embarrassed," the insider revealed.

Furthermore, Affleck is said to have been taken aback by Lopez’s decision to publicize personal letters he had written to her, using them as inspiration for her music lyrics.

The revelation reportedly left Affleck feeling exposed and uneasy about the public scrutiny of their private correspondence.

“She can't see that she's embarrassing her husband. Either that, or she doesn't care,” added the insider, highlighting a potential disconnect between Lopez's intentions and Affleck's discomfort.

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