Jimmy Kimmel Claps Back at Donald Trump's 'Worst Host' Jab during Oscars 2024

Credit: Jimmy Kimmel & Donald Trump/Instagram

The 96th annual Academy Awards, broadcasted live from the iconic Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, unfolded on Sunday, March 10, 2024.

Guiding the star-studded affair was talk show luminary Jimmy Kimmel, reprising his role as host after leading the proceedings in 2023.

Marking his fourth stint at the helm of Hollywood's most prestigious evening, Kimmel's hosting prowess has been both celebrated and scrutinized.

However, it was a singular social media critique that stole the spotlight in the waning moments of the gala.

As the evening neared its conclusion, Kimmel seized the moment to address a scathing appraisal of his performance circulating online.

Retrieving his smartphone, he shared a pointed tweet, originating from none other than former President Donald Trump, casting him as the "worst host" in Oscars history.

"Anyone, no? Well, thank you, President Trump. Thank you for watching, I'm surprised. Isn't it past your jail time?" retorted Kimmel, with characteristic wit and aplomb.

The tweet, hailing from Trump's Truth Social account, lambasted Kimmel's opening remarks as "less than average" and proposed the replacement of the late-night stalwart with ABC alum George Stephanopoulos.

Credit: @TRUMPxoEPSTEIN/Twitter

Trump's diatribe extended beyond Kimmel, lambasting the Academy for alleged bias and lamenting the perceived decline in the show's quality.

The former president's critique of the Oscars' alleged political correctness and calls for a return to greatness echoed familiar refrains from his political rhetoric.

Kimmel's response encapsulated the irreverence and candor that have defined his tenure as an Oscars emcee, underscoring the intersection of entertainment and political discourse that permeates Hollywood's grandest stage.

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