Kate Middleton's Absence from St. Patrick's Day Parade Raises Concerns

Credit: The Prince and Princess of Wales/Instagram

The annual St. Patrick's Day Parade, which usually sees Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, as a prominent figure, will be missing her presence this year.

Reports from The Express indicate that Kate won't be able to participate due to her recovery from abdominal surgery.

Traditionally, Kate, as the Colonel of the Irish Guards, plays a significant role in the parade by distributing shamrocks to Officers and Warrant Officers.

However, with her absence, Lady Ghika, wife of the Regimental Lieutenant Colonel, Major General Sir Christopher Ghika, will take her place, according to the Ministry of Defence.

Kate Middleton has been out of the public eye since her Christmas outing last year.

It was revealed in January that she underwent abdominal surgery and was discharged from the hospital after 14 days.

Currently, she is recuperating at her home in Windsor. Although Kensington Palace announced her return around Easter, bizarre rumors suggesting she's in a coma have surfaced online.

To address concerns about her health, the Palace released a heartwarming photograph on Mother’s Day, showing Kate surrounded by her children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

However, doubts arose about the authenticity of the photo, with news agencies questioning if it was AI-generated.

The Telegraph reported that the photo showed inconsistencies, particularly in Princess Charlotte's left hand.

The controversy surrounding the photo fueled conspiracy theories, leading Kate Middleton to apologize for the editing discrepancies.

She clarified that she was simply experimenting with editing like many amateur photographers.

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