Lady Gaga Stands Up Against Hate: Defends Dylan Mulvaney on International Women's Day

Credit: Lady Gaga/Instagram

Lady Gaga has taken a stand against the "vitriol and hatred" directed towards Dylan Mulvaney, a prominent transgender activist, following her National Women's Day post on Instagram.

Mulvaney, known for her advocacy and presence on platforms like TikTok, found herself under attack for her celebratory post featuring Lady Gaga.

Expressing her dismay, Lady Gaga addressed the issue on her own Instagram account, denouncing the negative comments as "appalling."

In her post on Monday, March 11, alongside a shared picture with Mulvaney, Lady Gaga emphasized the importance of distinguishing between "backlash" and outright hatred, asserting that the latter should not be euphemized.

The multi-talented artist extended her support not only to Mulvaney but also to the transgender community at large, acknowledging their resilience in the face of discrimination and violence.

Lady Gaga underscored the significance of solidarity among women and emphasized the need for inclusive celebration, advocating for equality and acceptance across all gender identities.

Concluding her impassioned message, Lady Gaga called for compassion and understanding towards the challenges faced by transgender individuals, urging for a society built on love and acceptance rather than division and hostility.

While Mulvaney has yet to address the hate comments directly, her past statements reveal the toll online bullying has taken on her.

Despite the negativity, Mulvaney remains committed to her advocacy, navigating the online realm with resilience and vulnerability.

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