Megan Fox Speaks Out on Cosmetic Procedures, Says She's Not as Extensive as Rumored

Credit: Megan Fox/Instagram

Megan Fox provided an update on her cosmetic treatments, mentioning that they are not extensive.

It appears that Megan Fox is taking inspiration from Voldemort, the antagonist in Harry Potter.

During a recent conversation on the Call Her Daddy podcast, the actress revealed details about her cosmetic procedures.

The actress said, "Can we just talk about plastic surgery for a second?" and then listed the procedures she has had, including two breast enhancement surgeries and a nose job in her early twenties.

The star clarified that she has not had as many rhinoplasty surgeries as people have accused her of, saying that it is impossible to have that many without complications.

The actress maintained that she has not touched her nose since she was 23, and enjoys making it look small and delicate, like a petite elven princess.

The star finished discussing her cosmetic treatments by saying that they are not as extensive as people might think, and that she continues to enjoy them.

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