Beyoncé Makes Billboard History with 'Cowboy Carter' Album Debuting at #1

Credit: Beyoncé/Instagram

Beyoncé has galloped her way to the top of the Billboard 200 chart with her latest album, "Cowboy Carter," and she's made history along the way.

This massive album, which dropped on March 29, is the second part of Beyoncé's three-part project following her 2022 release "Renaissance."

It's her first official venture into country music, featuring the chart-topping single 'Texas Hold 'Em' and a mix of folk, opera, R&B, and more.

Credit: Beyoncé/Instagram

With a lineup of diverse guest artists like Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Miley Cyrus, Post Malone, Tanner Adell, and Willie Jones, the album created a lot of excitement – and it's showing in the numbers.

According to Billboard, "Cowboy Carter" debuted at #1 in the US, selling a whopping 407,000 units. This makes it the best-selling album of the year so far.

Of those units, streaming was a big contributor, accounting for 232,000 units from over 300 million album streams.

In fact, if we just looked at streaming numbers alone, 'Cowboy Carter' would still have debuted at #1 and been one of the top-selling debuts of the year.

Pure album sales also played a significant part, making up 168,000 of the total sales.

But that's not all.

Beyoncé has made history by becoming the first female artist to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 with all eight of her solo studio albums.

Additionally, she's topped the Top Country Albums chart, making her the first Black woman to do so since the chart began back in January 1964.

Congratulations to Beyoncé on this incredible achievement!

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