Eminem Seeks Dedicated Fans for New Documentary About His Life and Career

Credit: Eminem/Instagram

Eminem is working on a new documentary about his life and career, and he's looking for his devoted fans to help out.

The rapper made the announcement on Twitter through his company Shady Films.

The post revealed that Eminem and Shady Films are producing an unnamed documentary.

The tweet included a link to a website called "Stan Films" along with a questionnaire.

According to PEOPLE magazine, the documentary's exact details are still a mystery, but the questionnaire suggests it might focus on Eminem's dedicated fans.

The questions ask things like if Eminem's music has helped fans through tough times, if they've ever met Eminem in person, and if they create fan art, stories, or collect Eminem merchandise.

The documentary's title is a nod to Eminem's song "Stan," which tells the story of an obsessed fan who tragically takes extreme actions after feeling ignored by the rapper.

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