Cardi B Calls Fans 'Worst Fanbase Ever' Amid Demands for Second Album Release

Credit: Cardi B/Instagram

Cardi B recently celebrated a significant achievement: four of her songs have surpassed a billion streams on Spotify. She received silver plaques for "WAP," "Girls Like You" with Maroon 5, "I Like It" with Bad Bunny and J Balvin, and "Taki Taki" with Selena Gomez, Ozuna, and DJ Snake.

"Wooow FOUR songs that hit the billion mark on Spotify!! Women lie, men lie...numbers don't," Cardi B wrote on social media. "I'm so excited to put out new music and reach even more milestones. Thank you everyone for listening, it really means a lot...can't wait for you to see and hear what's next."

However, the joy of this achievement has been tempered by growing expectations from her fans. Many have taken to social media to demand an update on her much-anticipated second album, with some expressing frustration over the delay. "No but just announce the album...let's not talk about rollouts either," one user tweeted.

Credit: Cardi B/Instagram

Social media personality KenBarbie defended Cardi B, noting that she has kept her fans informed about the delays. Cardi B herself responded, "Exactly and I tell myself this all the time... and I hate that I fall back and start interacting again and it bites me in the *ss…anyway NO album this year I don't care I'm relaxing this year… Dropping these features I already committed to and traveling and enjoying my summer."

In another sharp response to a critic, she wrote, "YEUP ITS NOT DONE CAUSE THERE IS NO ALBUM…Congrats you won a prize for your answer …here's your prize [middle finger emoji]."

When a fan suggested her mood swings might be due to pregnancy, Cardi shut down the rumor, saying, "Ain't no hormones at all a b*tch ain't pregnant y'all just ruined everything for me. Even when I drop music yall ruin everything... WORST FANBASE EVER."

Cardi also shared, "I remember crying to Ken cause I felt like I did something wrong when I dropped 'Enough' cause y'all was complaining it wasn't on Today's Top Hits."

Cardi B's latest statements highlight the challenge of balancing fan expectations with her own well-being. Despite the pressure, she remains focused on taking care of herself and delivering quality music at her own pace.

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