Jennifer Lopez Drops 'Friendly Reminder' Amid Ben Affleck Divorce Drama

Credit: Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

Jennifer Lopez recently took to Instagram to share her casual visit to Netflix’s ‘Don’t F with JLo’ billboard, amidst ongoing speculation about her relationship with Ben Affleck.

On Friday, May 24, the star posted a reel, capturing her journey to see the billboard promoting her latest film, Atlas, which premiered on the streaming service.

While recording the reel, Lopez could be heard saying, “So a bunch of people were messaging me yesterday telling me about this billboard that Netflix put up for Atlas. So I want to go see it for myself.”

In the video, she was seen riding inside a car, heading to her destination. The next cut showed her peering through the car window, exclaiming, “Okay, here it is!”

In a montage later in the reel, Lopez posed playfully alongside the billboard. Promoting her new film, she urged her followers, “You guys got to watch the movie. Just came out today.”

Before ending the video, the actress pointed towards the billboard and delivered a pointed message: “And just a little friendly reminder from over there.”

The Boy Next Door alum's playful tone provided a lighthearted counterpoint to the drama surrounding her personal life.

The friendly reminder from JLo seemed to be a nod to her fans to focus on her professional achievements.

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