Ben Affleck Expresses Regret Over Jennifer Lopez's Push for Botox Before Event

Credit: Jennifer Lopez/Facebook

Ben Affleck is reportedly regretting trying to appear younger after receiving criticism for his look at Tom Brady's Netflix roast.

According to sources, he's upset with Jennifer Lopez for pushing him to get fillers and Botox before the event.

A source told In Touch that Ben's attempt at roasting Tom Brady backfired as it drew attention to his own appearance, which he's now unhappy about.

Credit: Ben Affleck/Facebook

He feels Jennifer convinced him to get work done on his face, and he's not pleased with the negative feedback he's receiving.

The 51-year-old partly blames Jennifer for the backlash, believing he wouldn't have done anything if not for her influence.

Now, he's saying he wants to age naturally, but Jennifer disagrees and thinks he looks great the way he is.

Following Ben's appearance at the roast, speculation arose about him having plastic surgery, with online comments about his changed appearance.

Sources denied he had surgery, explaining he only had Botox and was clean-shaven. Jennifer reportedly likes how he looks and wouldn't want him to change.

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