Madonna Sparks New Romance with British Boxer Richard Riakporhe Following Split from Josh Popper

Credit: Madonna & Richard Riakporhe/Instagram

British boxer Richard Riakporhe and pop icon Madonna, 65, have been making headlines with their newfound closeness.

The 34-year-old boxer, known as The Midnight Train, reportedly hit it off with Madonna after her split from former beau Josh Popper, 30, making waves in the fashion circles where they first crossed paths.

Their connection blossomed through mutual friends within the fashion industry, according to insiders, as reported by The Sun. It seems the duo enjoys each other's company, finding common ground beyond the glamour of their respective careers.

Their encounter traces back to 2023 when Richard strutted down the runway for Burberry, setting the stage for their burgeoning friendship.

Madonna's social media post, featuring her playfully seated on Richard's lap, hinted at their camaraderie, leaving fans speculating about the nature of their relationship.

Richard's upcoming boxing match with Chris Billam-Smith has sparked rumors that Madonna might grace the event with her presence.

The boxer himself hinted at the possibility, suggesting that if Madonna is in London, she might make an appearance to cheer him on.

Despite the buzz surrounding their connection, both Madonna and Richard have had their share of past relationships.

Madonna's split from Josh Popper was reportedly amicable, with sources affirming that the bond between the former couple remains intact.

Madonna's romantic history, punctuated by marriages to Sean Penn and Guy Ritchie, as well as relationships with younger partners like Brahim Zaibat and Kevin Sampaio, has often been in the spotlight. Now, her camaraderie with Richard Riakporhe adds another chapter to her colorful love life.

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