Johnny Depp's Investigator Shocked by Unwavering Support Amid Amber Heard Abuse Allegations

In his new self-published book, “Johnny Depp's Accidental Fixer,” Paul Barresi shares his surprise at the support Johnny Depp received despite facing serious abuse allegations.

Barresi, who was hired by Amber Heard to dig up dirt on Depp, details his journey of interviewing 100 people for Depp's libel trials against his ex-wife. To his amazement, most people still stood by the star.

According to Mail Online, many described Depp as a 'gentleman's gentleman' and someone who 'doesn't have a mean bone in his body,' despite the troubling accusations. Barresi was hired by Heard's team in July 2019 to gather information against Depp for both defamation trials in the UK and the US.

Credit: Johnny Depp and Amber Heard/Instagram

He did not specify which case he was working on, only that he was tasked with uncovering evidence of Depp's alleged abuse towards women.

Despite the goal, Barresi found a different picture than expected. His findings revealed more positive aspects of Depp’s character, which didn't align with Heard’s legal strategy.

Barresi expressed admiration for Depp, feeling a 'deep empathy for his struggles and triumphs.'

Depp lost the 2020 libel case in the UK, where a judge ruled in favor of a newspaper that had called him a 'wife-beater.'

However, in the US, a second trial in Virginia ruled in Depp's favor, awarding him $15 million in damages.

In his book, Barresi writes, “Through this journey, I aimed to honor our shared humanity, shedding light on the man behind the myths and offering a narrative grounded in genuine understanding and compassion.”

His investigation led to a surprising respect for Depp, challenging the narrative Heard's lawyers hoped to establish.

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