Story — Man Decides to Skip Sister's Wedding Because Their Gay Brother Isn't Invited

Robert confronted Amy about it and asked her why she did not invite Felix. He was shocked by his sister's response.

Robert, 28, is the eldest of three siblings. He has a 22-year-old sister named Gayle and a 17-year-old brother named Felix.

A year ago, Felix came out as gay. He disclosed to Robert that since he was 13, he had been battling with his sexuality. Only then did he have the courage to let him know.

"I'm very happy for him, and I'm glad that he told me," Robert said. "In any case, we realized it is difficult to tell our conservative parents."

In the long run, Felix decided to tell their father and mother. But as he expected, the two were mad at him. Worse, they disowned him.

Their parents told Felix they did not want to see him again. Robert felt sorry for his brother, but he could not do anything about their parents' decision.

Robert then decided to let Felix live in his house. His wife, Amy, immediately agreed to his decision.

"Felix has been living with me and my wife ever since," Robert shared. "There was no problem since my brother is a responsible person. I am also very grateful because Felix and Amy get along very well."

Robert said he often sees them laughing in the kitchen. They both love to cook so that's where they hang out.

Meanwhile, just recently, his sister, Gayle, announced her engagement. She is going to tie the knot with her boyfriend in December.

"A few days ago, Gayle began sending wedding invites," Robert said. "Of course, I'm happy for my sister. It's just that I didn't like her decision not to invite Felix to her wedding."

Robert confronted Amy about it and asked her why she did not invite Felix. He was shocked by his sister's response.

"Amy said she doesn't want people to find out she has a brother that is gay," Robert explained. "I know that she dislikes Felix for taking her place as the youngest in our family, but saying this is way out of line."

"Amy also said that our parents wouldn't pay for her wedding dress if she invited Felix," he added. "That's when I snapped. I told her that I won't go to her wedding and that she should be ashamed of herself."

Amy then began crying and begging him to come to her wedding. However, Robert stood by his decision.

Although he knew that he should not have snapped at Amy, he could not believe how she treats their youngest sibling. According to Robert, he was very disappointed in her.

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