Video Shows an Adorable Puppy Dances While Being Groomed

A little dog became a viral sensation because of her cute dance moves while getting her haircut.

In the YouTube video shared by ViralHog, a pomeranian dog can be seen dancing while being groomed.

"While doing puppy beauty in puppy salon, I was filming a video to send to customer," ViralHog explained.

Credit: Courtesy of ViralHog/YouTube

As seen in the viral clip, the pup is receiving a haircut. Rather than being scared, she seemed to find it fascinating and was enjoying herself.

The Internet users fell in love with her and her dance moves. More than 535,000 people have already viewed the video since it was uploaded.

There are many YouTubers who contribute their thoughts in the comments section as well.

One person wrote, "this puppy dancing is always bringing me happy positive energy, even after a year. Thank you puppy for being so cute!"

Another added, "This is one of the cutest things I've ever seen! What a face!"

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