Story — A Pretty Teenage Girl Loves to Sleep Without Shirt

"I put a pillow in front of my body and closed my eyes to go back to sleep."

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Anne lives in an apartment in New York City with her mother. Her room's radiator is broken, so she gets heat every day of the year.

Summer is also a season in which the 18-year-old doesn't open the windows, so she sleeps with the cover on top of her or without pants. One night, she decided to sleep without wearing a shirt or bra because it was hot.

Anne said she has a big bosom, adding that it's no secret, but she's in the comfort of her bedroom and closes the door when she sleeps. The next morning, she awoke to discover her mother staring at her.

"She stood there and screamed at me for 20 minutes telling me to put a shirt on and calling me a ruthless w**re for sleeping without a shirt while her boyfriend was here," Anne explained. "I put a pillow in front of my body and closed my eyes to go back to sleep."

"This wasn't good enough, and she ripped the pillow from my arms and told me to put on some clothes before her boyfriend came in here and saw me like this," she added. "I told her I keep my door closed for a reason, and if she's worried about her boyfriend bothering me that's more telling of her boyfriend, not me."

Her mom was completely fuming and advised her to live under her rules while she is in her house, and that includes not being trashy and sleeping with some clothes on.

Anne figured that her mother was being absurd. Meanwhile, her mom's boyfriend, who heard the commotion, ended up coming into her room without knocking on the door.

Anne was shocked and immediately covered herself with a blanket. "He was kind of eyeing me and told me my mom was right and I need to sleep with clothes on," she said.

At this point, Anne is having a hard time understanding her situation in their home.

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