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A woman was asking if her decision not to help a guy who desperately needed money for his HIV medication was wrong. But apparently, she had a compelling reason why she did not help.

Andrea (not her real name) shared a flat with Kyle (not his real name) a couple of years ago. She said that they were good friends, and she would even help him with his university projects.

For some reason, Andrea decided to move out of their flat. During the few years they lived together, she said, there were no problems with stealing in their flat. So Andrea was shocked when she got to her new place and found that around $150 was missing from her wallet.

She said she was just starting a new job and that she really needed the money at the time. Andrea then texted Kyle about it, and she said that he initially pretended to be unaware.

However, Kyle eventually admitted to it before blocking her on all social media. Although it was not that much money, Andrea said she felt betrayed because she had trusted him and considered him a brother.

She stressed that she always dropped whatever she was doing to help him whenever he needed it, and he would later thank her for it by stabbing her in the back.

Andrea said Kyle recently sent her a Facebook message telling her that he has HIV. He apologized for what he did and then asked to borrow money for medication.

Kyle promised to return the money, she said, adding that he also told her she was the only one who was kind to him and he always felt bad about stealing from her.

However, Andrea said no because she still feels somewhat hurt by what he did. Kyle then told her he understood the situation and ended the conversation.

After that, one of their mutual friends got upset at Andrea for not giving Kyle any help, even just a little, since she has a stable career now.

But from her perspective, what Kyle did was horrendous. $150 was a lot to her at the time, and she said that she wanted nothing to do with him because of what he did.

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