"The entire time I was regretting the decision and as I got drunker and drunker I got sadder that I was doing it."

Jerry (not his real name) recently took to a popular online forum to share his problem with his friends. Although he loves them, he realizes they are a hindrance to his plan to change.

"Ok so I have a group of friends who I love dearly but I am not the same person I was when we all met," he wrote on Reddit. "I have wanted to change so many things in my life and I couldn't because I was and am an alcoholic... this group of friends is nothing but drinking."

Jerry said he wanted to stop drinking alcohol, adding that he needs to change his destiny and legacy.

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"I've tried to tell them numerous times but they always pressure me with the 'one last time' thing and I was weak and always went for it," he wrote.

A few weeks ago, Jerry celebrated his 29th birthday. His friends attended his birthday celebration and later convinced him to go out drinking. But he told them to stay home. That night, he agreed to drink with them, which he deeply regretted after.

"So I decided to do it and it was a mistake," Jerry shared. "The entire time I was regretting the decision and as I got drunker and drunker I got sadder that I was doing it."

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"A few days ago I sent a group text to all my friend and basically told them that I've tried to get sober for years and it's incredibly hard and as friends, I would have thought they'd be happy for me and supportive but instead they do the opposite and pressure me to drink," he added.

"They know drinking gets in the way of my plans for my life but it seems they don't care," Jerry continued. "Anyways I told them that I am moving forward with my life and as of now I don't see any of them in my future."

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Jerry received calls and texts from his friends, but he decided to ignore them. According to him, he feels better now. He said he feels like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders.

However, at the same time, Jerry said he could not help but feels like he was "kind of a dick." He is confused as to whether he did the wrong thing by ignoring his friends just because he wanted to change his life.

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