Find Out Everything About Lady Gaga's Boyfriend Michael Polansky

The two recently did a rare public appearance at President Biden's inauguration when Gaga sang the national anthem.

Credit: Courtesy of Lady Gaga/Instagram

Lady Gaga has had two failed relationships in the past, but that did not stop her from starting a new one with tech CEO Michael Polansky. Here's everything you need to know about her boyfriend.

Michael Polansky earned his degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Harvard University in 2006. He is currently running the Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, created by Facebook co-founder Sean Parker.

The organization supports research for cancer treatment. Polansky also held the position of CEO for The Parker Group, which handled Parker's charity work for more than a decade.

The great thing about Polansky's association with Parker does not end there. He co-founded The Parker Foundation and is the managing partner of Parker Ventures, according to his LinkedIn profile.

According to reports, Gaga and Polansky first met at Parker's birthday party at his mansion in December 2019. The pair seemed to hit it off right away at the party because they were sighted kissing on New Year's eve in Las Vegas, Nevada. Polansky's identity wasn't known then, but soon after the new year, it came to light.

In February 2020, Gaga revealed Polansky's identity on social media when she shared a picture of her and him on a balcony in Miami during Super Bowl weekend.

The couple then made the headlines. Lindsay Crouse, the senior staff editor of The New York Times' opinion section and Polansky's ex-girlfriend, wrote about having discovered her long time boyfriend was dating one of the most influential people in the world.

A stronger bond persisted between the couple during the self-quarantining period. They enjoyed spending more time together without the distractions of work.

In April 2020, Gaga made it clear she was in a serious relationship when she described Polansky as the love of her life. The twosome continued to develop their relationship throughout 2020.

Some controversy erupted when Gaga said she loved her ex Taylor Kinney at a Joe Biden rally in November 2020. Polansky was present at the rally, and she apologized to him later.

The two recently did a rare public appearance at President Biden's inauguration when Gaga sang the national anthem. With their facemasks on, the couple was caught sharing a kiss during the ceremony.

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