Top 5 Best Music Videos of Lady Gaga

Explaining about the video, Lady Gaga said that it is tied in with standing up to your own demons.

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The immense success of Lady Gaga as a pop music artist isn't just audio; it's also visual. Her fans know that she puts her heart and soul into her music videos.

Here are Lady Gaga's top five music videos, according to Nilatch Staff.

5. Rain On Me

Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande's long-awaited collaboration "Rain on Me" opens revolutionary strength. The song was released during the anniversary of the Manchester bombing.

In the music video, Gaga and Grande dance, and of course, they sing in the rain. Many fans said the superstars just saved the pop music genre.

4. Telephone

The music video for "Telephone" proceeds with the story started in "Paparazzi." However, everything is greater and more fantastic.

The video's plotline follows Beyonce, aka "Queen Bey," breaking Lady Gaga out of jail. The talented duo then engage in a two-woman crime spree.

3. Applause

The music video for "Applause" drew positive reviews from critics. They considered it to be a profile of Lady Gaga herself.

According to the multi-awarded artist, the notion behind the video is that of her enthusiasm for shape-shifting and changing.

2. Bad Romance

The story of the music video for "Bad Romance" is to epitomize female empowerment. In the video, supermodels can be seen kidnapping Lady Gaga. They then put her in a tub and force her to drink vodka.

Gaga is then being presented in an auction where a group of men is bidding on her. She straddles one of the men. In an ending scene, Gaga can be seen in a bed that consume by fire with a skeleton next to her.

1. Judas

The music video for "Judas," which is packed with choreography, striking visuals, and symbolism, is quite controversial. Explaining about the video, Lady Gaga said that it is tied in with standing up to your own demons.

The story is based in Biblical times during the crucifixion of Jesus. But Gaga put a modern twist to it. In the video, Jesus and his Apostles roll up as a motorcycle gang.

Supposed to be Mary Magdalene, Gaga sits on the back of Jesus' bike. Jesus is being welcomed by individuals who cherish him when the group show up outside of the church.

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