Halsey Faces Backlash After Video of her Kissing Minor Fans in the Mouth Surfaces

"Pedophilia? My god they just keep coming and coming don’t they? [sic]"

Credit: Courtesy of Halsey/Instagram

A compilation video depicting the singer kissing her young fans in the mouth recently surfaced. This led to a reaction from social media that she was a pedophile.

On Twitter, a user shared compilation footage of Halsey's interactions with her young fans. (See the video here.)

In the caption, the uploader wrote, "Since the tl is cancelling white women now is the perfect time to bring up Halsey kissing little girls? Like as a fully grown woman she was going around kissing random underage fans allegedly as young as 10 years old. [sic]"

Credit: Courtesy of Halsey/Instagram

The post immediately garnered lots of comments from other Twitter users expressing their views. One person wrote: "Y'all better treat her exactly how we’d treat a pedophile man. [sic]"

Another added: "I want y'all to treat her like the p€do she is because this is literally definitive proof of her being a vile person. [sic]"

Someone else commented: "Pedophilia? My god they just keep coming and coming don’t they? [sic]"

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