The Truth Behind Lana Del Rey's Name Change

The name Lana Del Rey was meant to reflect the music that she wished to make.

Credit: Courtesy of Lana Del Rey/Instagram

One of the most fascinating careers in music in recent memory has been that of Lana Del Rey.

An impressive upward trajectory has enabled her to prove herself.

It turns out the singer's real name isn't Lana Del Rey. Her birth name does not contain any of her three names, according to The List.

Lana Del Rey's name change is noteworthy as the singer had previously performed and sung using her birth name.

Her older music recorded under her birth name disappeared from the internet and couldn't be found or heard after she changed her name.

Lana Del Rey's birth name is actually Elizabeth Woolridge Grant. What led her to change it?

Her choice of a new name was to create cohesion within her work. The name Lana Del Rey was meant to reflect the music that she wished to make.

Among the themes in her music are vintage glamour, California as a state and culture, the beach, and much more. Clearly, the name Lana Del Rey met the standard.

In the end, the hitmaker's efforts were not in vain. Throughout her career, she has exhibited a distinctive tone and message.

Lana Del Rey has built a strong brand over the last decade, and she is always exceeding expectations.

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