Video of Madonna's son Donning a Silk Dress Sparked Outrage

In 2006, Madonna adopted David from Malawi. He is the first child she adopted from East Africa.

Credit: Courtesy of Madonna/Instagram

Madonna and her son David Banda got flack from social media users who were upset to see the Queen of Pop's child in a dress.

Madonna's teenage son, David, showed fans his diverse fashion choices on his famous mom’s Instagram account. David caught the attention of many people.

In the clip, the 15-year-old appears wearing a silk dress decorated with hand-painted alphabet letters. An a-shaped skirt and puffy short sleeves adorned the dress.

David accessorized his look with a pair of rectangular dark shades and impeccable white sneakers. As if he were on a runway, he strutted around the house.

In the background, Snap's "I've Got The Power" provided even greater support for David's message of confidence. The camera briefly focused on him in the kitchen.

It was evident that he enjoyed his style choice, showing people that he felt free wearing it. In the caption, Madonna spoke gushily about her son:

Confidence is everything…" #davidbanda @mae_couture #snap.

Fan gushed over his confidence and showered love on David while making his mom proud. A few followers, however, did not appreciate seeing him in a dress. Some people felt it was weird.

Others said that David was just a "dude" in a dress. Despite those who nay, it appears the youngster will keep discovering his passion for fashion.

David is one of Madonna's six kids, and she feels a strong bond with him because they share similar traits. According to her, David had a lot of focus and determination, which he could have inherited from her.

Unlike any of her children, the boy was the most genetically similar to her. In 2006, Madonna adopted David from Malawi. He is the first child she adopted from East Africa.

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