Professional basketball player Kyle Kuzma took to social media on Wednesday to share a series of photos of himself from the gym.

As seen in his Instagram photos, Kyle is wearing a simple white sleeveless shirt and black shorts while playing basketball. 

In the caption, the 26-year-old hunk wrote, "Finding my peace it's always beauty in the struggle keying in on this moment and this moment only."

Credit: Courtesy of Kyle Kuzma/Instagram

It didn't take long for the post to garner thousands of likes and numerous comments from followers.

One person wrote: "I need something big, long, hard and durable. Where should I go?"

Credit: Courtesy of Kyle Kuzma/Instagram

Another added, "I need something warm and delicious."

Someone else commented that it is easy to see why Winnie Harlow is smitten with him. The NBA star has been in a relationship with the Jamaican-Canadian model since last year.

Credit: Courtesy of Kyle Kuzma/Instagram

The post comes after Kyle departed from the Los Angeles Lakers recently. A trade package for Russell Westbrook included him.

After Kyle left the team, there was a lot of speculation about his relationship with LeBron James.

Credit: Courtesy of Kyle Kuzma/Instagram

Some awkward public encounters between them have led to suspicions that they don't like each other.

The fire was stoked even further in recent days when following his trade, Kyle changed his mind about who he believed the GOAT was.

Credit: Courtesy of Kyle Kuzma/Instagram

Credit: Courtesy of Kyle Kuzma/Instagram

Despite that, LeBron and Kyle were not entirely negative toward each other. To be more accurate, LeBron threw Kyle a party after he was traded.

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