Felicia Culotta Reveals Britney Spears is Difficult to Contact

As an avid fan of Britney Spears, you definitely know Felicia Culotta as well. She is the pop star's closest friend, but they haven't had any contact in a long time due to the latter's conservatorship.

In her interview with "The New York Times Presents: Controlling Britney Spears," Felicia explained that she no longer has Britney's phone number and cannot get in touch with her.

"I don’t have any way of getting in touch with her at this point. All the numbers that I have [for her] are now changed," Felicia explained.

Credit: BreatheHeavy/Instagram

Upon being asked whether she had a message for Britney, Felicia made sure to send her a message that was so encouraging.

"First off, I would make you giggle. And second off, I'd want you to remember all the funny things and all the fun times," said Felicia. "I want you to remember how strong you are, how talented you are, how silly you are, how goofy you are, and that that heart of yours is gigantic."

She added, "Hang in there. Your voice is coming back. You are louder and prouder and more powerful than I’ve seen you in a really long time. I love you, and I will support you no matter what."

From the looks of things, Britney's conservatorship will end soon. We wish Britney the best of luck during this time. #FreeBritney

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