NBA Star Devin Booker Reveals 'Worst Part' of COVID-19

Over the past week, Devin Booker has been suffering from COVID-19, he revealed to his fans on a Twitch stream.

As far as the basketball player could tell, he lost his sense of smell and taste, but that it wasn't really that bad. "I got the 'vid, man," Devin explained.

"Honestly, I’m feeling straight, man. Only thing that I’m dealing with is no taste, no smell. Which is the worst part of it. But, I’m about a week in. I’m going to be back in no time. No time."

Credit: Devin Booker/Instagram

He added, "Having no smell, no taste, it makes your day dry. It makes your day gray. It makes it gray, for real." According to the NBA star, who has been dating Kendall Jenner, he is on the verge of recovering very soon.

Traveling all over the world was a major part of Devin's life. Whether or not he was vaccinated is not known. He stated, however, that COVID-19 can be contracted by anyone, even after the jab has been taken.

Devin and Kendall's relationship was first reported in April 2020. Valentine's Day 2021 marked the pair's Instagram debut. In the past month, the athlete and the model have traveled around the world together.

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