OnlyFans Photos of Jessica Andrade Leak

The photos of Brazilian professional mixed martial artist Jessica Andrade from OnlyFans have been leaked recently.

According to reports, Jessica Andrade became a member of OnlyFans several months ago on the advice of her wife Fernanda Gomes to earn some extra cash after moving to Last Vegas full-time.

With the controversial platform, the former UFC champion showed another side of her. Unfortunately, Jessica's photos were leaked and made their way into social media. This did not bother her at all.

Credit: Jessica Andrade/Instagram

"I wasn’t upset because I already imagined it could happen," she explained to MMA Fighting. "I’ve seen that happen to other fighters as well… I wasn't upset because I did all this knowing that it would leak eventually."

Jessica added, "I'm 30 and my body won't look pretty for the rest of my life, so we have to enjoy it while it's nice. No one will want to see it later. Better use it now, then when it's gone. But I wasn't upset. I thought it was funny because people did a lot of memes."

As a lesbian woman, Jessica, who made her professional mixed martial arts debut in 2011, has learned a lot since coming out.

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