Madonna Offers A Glimpse At Her New Tattoo On Social Media

Madonna had previously discussed her religious beliefs in an interview with Harry Scott from 2019. Photo: Instagram/Madonna

A new tattoo was recently revealed by Madonna on her social media account. The design comes from a Kabbalah book called "Ten Luminous Emanations."

The Queen of Pop posted the photo to her Instagram story. In the caption, she wrote, "10. Luminous Emanations In Which GOD. Becomes Manifest."

Written by Yehuda Ashlag, the book explores the Big Bang origins of our universe and the process of creation before it.

Apparently, Madonna believes in Kabbalah, which is a Jewish tradition that explains how the universe was formed and God's relationship to it. Photo: Instagram/Madonna

If you aren't familiar with Kabbalah, it is a Jewish tradition about the creation of the universe and God's relationship to it, something Madonna apparently believes in.

The star previously spoke about her religious views in an interview with Harry Scott from 2019.

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