How Paris Hilton Really Feels About Lindsay Lohan

Paris Hilton reveals what she thinks of Lindsay Lohan after decades of feuding with the actress.

Credit: Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan/Instagram

While Paris Hilton has beefed with many highly-publicized celebrities over the years, she is no longer interested in unnecessary drama, regardless of whether it involves Lindsay Lohan.

The star recently addressed the long-running feud between her and Lindsay, and it appears that all that's past is the past.

While at the Hilton Family Art Show in Case Del Sol Tequila, Paris was asked about her relationship with Lindsay.

She told E! News, "We’ve DMed a few times and she’s doing great."

Paris made a similar statement about her rocky relationship with Lindsay in November.

"I just feel that we're grown-ups now, I just got married, she just got engaged," she said.

Paris went on to say that over time they have viewed their rivalry in a different light, and she's excited about moving forward.

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