Alleged Video Of Ned Fulmer Cheating On His Wife Goes Viral

A thorough internal review was conducted soon after the accusations went viral on social media.

Credit: Ned Fulmer/Instagram

YouTube group the Try Guys expelled their member Ned Fulmer after allegations against him surfaced that he had cheated on his wife, Ariel Fulmer.

Recently, infidelity accusations swarm the internet for the Try Guys, whose YouTube channel is usually free from drama. A variety of different things and experiences are generally tried by group members Ned, Keith Habersberger, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang.

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Credit: Ned Fulmer/Instagram

One member of the gang, however, was noticeably absent from their latest batch of first tries. While Ned is still present in their group photos and promotional material, he appears to have been absent from their last three YouTube videos and podcast episodes.

Fans also noticed Ned's wife, Ariel, was absent from the two newest episodes of You Can Sit With Us, a podcast hosted by the Try Guys' wives.

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Internet sleuths are now connecting the dots between screenshots of texts provided by a Reddit user who claims to have seen Ned cheating on his wife with Alexandria Herring, one of the Try Guys' producers. Ned and Alexandria are purportedly "making out" in the screenshots taken at a New York Club. The accusations still remain unconfirmed, but fans are dropping their jaws online in shock, rushing to Ned's Instagram account to ask him for an explanation.

A thorough internal review was conducted soon after the accusations went viral on social media, and the Try Guys officially announced Ned's expulsion. Ned later posted a separate statement to his social media accounts, claiming that he had lost focus on his family and had a consensual relationship at work.

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