Jennifer Lopez Confirms She Was Originally Set to Join Madonna and Britney Spears' Iconic VMAs Kiss

"Then they got Christina Aguilera, I think, to do it."

Credit: Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

Jennifer Lopez has confirmed that she was supposed to be a part of Madonna and Britney Spears' iconic kiss at the 2003 Video Music Awards (VMAs).

In an interview with E! News, J Lo revealed that she had met with Madonna and Britney at Madonna's home to plan the performance, but was unable to participate due to her filming schedule for a movie in Canada. Christina Aguilera ended up stepping in to take her place.

J Lo said in the interview, "Yes, that is actually true. I was filming a movie in Canada. We had met — me, her and Britney — to do it, at [Madonna's] home. I just couldn't get off the film, so we couldn't do it. Then they got Christina Aguilera, I think, to do it."

The star added that she has always been a huge fan of Madonna and that she was disappointed that she couldn't be a part of the performance.

The kiss, which went down during a group performance of Madonna's "Hollywood" at the VMAs, is considered one of the most iconic moments in pop culture history.

Before the song transitioned into a guest appearance from Missy Elliott, Madonna exchanged a kiss with Britney, and then turned to her other side to kiss Christina. Had J Lo been able to participate, it would have been her getting kissed by Madonna instead.

The moment between Madonna and Britney was particularly significant due to the fact that Britney had recently broken up with Justin Timberlake, who was in the audience and had a visibly uncomfortable reaction to the kiss. The kiss was recreated by Britney and Madonna at Britney's wedding to Sam Asghari in 2022.

Despite not being able to participate in the kiss, J Lo has had a successful career in the music industry and continues to be a prominent figure in pop culture. With her upcoming Prime Video film "Shotgun Wedding" set to release in January 27, J Lo is showing no signs of slowing down.

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