Mia Khalifa Mocks Brits for Lack of Sunny Weather in Bikini Beach Video

She has made several trips across the pond over the past 12 months.

Credit: Mia Khalifa/Instagram

Social media personality Mia Khalifa recently shared a video of herself relaxing on a British beach in a bikini, poking fun at the Brits for their infrequent sunny weather.

The clip, which show her in a polka dot swimwear on a beach thought to be in Whitstable, Kent, were captioned with a tongue-in-cheek message: "British people when the sun comes out for five minutes."

This is not the first time that Mia has expressed her affection for the UK. In a recent video, she surprised her fans by stating that she believes Whitstable is even better than Miami. The video shows her strolling down the classic British pebbled beach, putting down a towel and jokingly applying sun cream.

Many of her 27 million followers were delighted by the content, with one commenter even calling her the "queen of Whitstable." However, not everyone was impressed, with one commenter noting that the beach appeared to be rocky and uncomfortable to lay on.

Mia has been spending more and more time in the UK over the past year, as she continues to expand her brand. She recently teased a video showing her new office, which is based somewhere in the UK.

She has made several trips across the pond over the past 12 months, including a late-summer visit to Faversham, which she referred to as a "proper British sea(mud) town."

During her visit to Kent, Mia also had some fun making a TikTok video. Carrying her new prized designer bag, she threw a mock tantrum as no one around her knew the significance of the bag. She posted the video with the caption: "When no one in this little Kentish town knows I'm carrying the LVxYAYOI Alma bag."

Mia's continued interest in the UK is not only a testament to her love for the country, but also to the growing influence and reach of social media personalities. Her presence and growing popularity in the UK serves as a reminder of the impact that social media can have on shaping people's perceptions of different places and cultures.

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