Nude Selfie of OnlyFans Star Mikaela Testa Goes Viral - See Photo

"When I tell you @mikaelatesta’s new photo made me know I’m bi, I’m telling the truth."

Credit: Mikaela Testa/Instagram

Mikaela Testa, an OnlyFans creator, recently caused a stir on social media after she posted a full-frontal nude selfie on her Twitter account.

The post, which was released shortly after her split from her boyfriend, another social media influencer named Paul Atis, was met with a mixture of reactions from her fans.

Many of Mikaela's followers took to her comment section to express their support and admiration for the daring and confident move, with some even jokingly calling their own sexual identity into question as a result.

Credit: Mikaela Testa/Instagram

Some fans even speculated that the post was a way for Mikaela to get back at her ex, with comments such as "RIP to her ex" and "Imagine being @mikaelatesta’s ex right now."

Others were so moved by the post that they commented on how it reaffirmed their own preferences, with one fan saying "once again … proven to me that I am so very gay" and another saying "When I tell you @mikaelatesta’s new photo made me know I’m bi, I’m telling the truth."

In addition to the attention she received for her nude selfie, Mikaela also recently confirmed that she is on the dating app Tinder, after a number of her fans questioned her about it in her direct messages.

Credit: Mikaela Testa/Instagram

In her response, she revealed that she is looking for a "soulmate" who is at least 6ft tall, has a specific minimum "tool" size, and is willing to travel the world with her, as she is able to financially support them through her OnlyFans income.

Overall, Mikaela Testa's bold move to post a nude selfie on her Twitter has not only sparked a lot of conversation among her fans, but it also showcases her confidence and self-assuredness.

Regardless of the reason behind her post, it is clear that Mikaela is comfortable in her own skin and is unafraid to express herself in the way she sees fit.

Here is the link to view her viral photo!

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