Stephen A Smith Apologizes to Rihanna for Saying 'She Ain't Beyoncé'

Both Rihanna and Beyoncé have chosen to stay out of the controversy.

Credit: Stephen A Smith/Instagram

Stephen A. Smith, host of ESPN's First Take, has apologized to Barbadian singer Rihanna for his recent comment on the show in which he said "she ain't Beyoncé."

Smith's comment was made when he was asked if he was looking forward to Rihanna's performance at the Super Bowl halftime show in Arizona on February 12th.

The comment drew immediate mixed reactions from the crowd and social media was quickly filled with backlash from Rihanna's fans.

On Wednesday, Smith posted a video apology to Rihanna in which he stated that he meant no disrespect with his comment and that he recognizes Rihanna as a "superstar" and "sensational" performer.

He also went on to clarify that his comment was not meant as a slight against Rihanna, but rather a reflection of his admiration for Beyoncé as a performer.

Smith explained that he is a Beyoncé fan and that she is his "sister," and that the only reason for any comparison was because Beyoncé had previously performed at the Super Bowl and he thought those were two of the greatest shows he had ever seen.

Rihanna, who recently became a mother, is set to perform for the NFL's 57th Super Bowl, scheduled for February 12th.

Despite the drama caused by Smith's comment, both Rihanna and Beyoncé have chosen to stay out of the controversy. However, rapper A$AP Rocky took to social media to praise Rihanna for her upcoming performance.

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